An Overwhelming Response Against Irresponsible Security Contractors


Over the last few days, we’ve been asking you to take a stand against irresponsible security contractors. The response has been overwhelming.

As we mentioned on Tuesday, one private security firm called U.S. Security Associates, a security contractor at schools, airports, seaports, stadiums and public buildings across the nation, put thousands at risk by failing weapons security tests at government buildings. Yet, despite an outcry from D.C. City Council members, outgoing D.C. Mayor Adrian Fenty plans to renew the city’s contract with the company.

Your response to this has been incredible. Nearly a thousand of you wrote in, urging leaders in Washington, DC and other cities to stop rewarding public contracts to irresponsible security companies like U.S. Security Associates.

Many were clearly outraged that their taxpayer dollars would be used to fund a company that has failed to protect our communities. Here are a few of the comments that we received:

  • “We need trained, responsible, motivated people to protect our children from threats both inside and out of school.”
  • “Security is a concern of all Americans and the people who provide these services should be properly trained, paid a salary commensurate with that training and expertise.”
  • “Any person willing to risk their own safety to protect others should be properly trained and compensated. [Their] personnel are as important as police officers. The work they do is a matter of life and death.”
  • “These jobs should be done professionally… This type of work needs adequate training, accountability, union benefits, and a good retirement program.”
  • “Providing security for us and our children means hiring reputable firms to perform those services, not firms with a history of poor performance of their duties and bad treatment of their own employees.”
  • “Any company that has ongoing problems with fairness to their employees should not be able to receive government contracts.”
  • “As a former resident of the DC Metro area and an advocate for security officers, I find it horrendous that you would continue to support U.S. Security. Please do the right thing and hire a more responsible contractor. We need better standards and better measures for safety.”
  • “It’s unconscionable that a company with such a bad record is allowed to continue, especially under the title of Security. Let’s be responsible and do what we know is right. Cancel them.”

This shows what our Stand for Security movement is all about. The public, all across the country, is calling for stronger standards of security firms that protect our buildings and our communities.

We’ll be keeping you updated on this situation as it develops, so be sure to stay tuned.

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