Educating the Public on U.S. Security Associates’ Dangerous Record


USSAOctoberActionLA12.jpgSecurity officers across the country have U.S. Security Associates under surveillance. Officers working to raise standards with Stand For Security and local community members have been speaking out about the risks that U.S. Security Associates could present to clients, officers and the public across the country.

Last week, Stand for Security members passed out leaflets at Bank of the West in San Francisco, California, providing details on USSA’s record of putting both their own employees and the public at risk. Officers gathered in Los Angeles as well, to promote responsible security that can lead to a stronger, safer community.

USSAOctoberActionChicago.jpgAt the same time, supporters spoke with employees and customers at Kmart in Chicago, and at Kraft Foods in Houston; both companies hold contracts with USSA. Security officers and supporters also handed out information about U.S. Security Associates in Newark, Jersey, and Washington, D.C.

USSA holds contracts with more than 3000 clients across the country, touting such values as safety, integrity and quality of service. However, USSA’s own track record reveals a myriad of problems, including failed weapons tests in Washington, D.C. , health and safety violations in six states, and even recent reports of a potential conflict of interest at the Port of Houston, Texas.

USSA claims to provide “small company responsiveness,” but the 4th largest security firm in America has seemingly ignored its own problems at various worksites, leading to multiple lawsuits alleging sexual harassment and discrimination. Harassment and discrimination can have a lasting negative effect on employees’ jobs and performance, and in turn a damaging effect on the security industry and its clients.

USSAOctoberActionUSWW2.jpgInforming the public about U.S. Security Associates is another example of how security officers have been working together to build awareness about problems in the security industry and raise standards throughout the country.

One look at the company’s record makes it clear that USSA has a lot of work to do in maximizing safety, restoring integrity and creating good jobs in our communities.

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