Vets Weigh In on Economic Inequality in U.S.


Wall Street bull rear.pngMany consider the New York Stock Exchange’s surpassing of the 16,000
mark an indication that the economic recovery in the United
States is well underway.

However, much of the growth in the recent economic recovery has been fueled mainly by the growth in low paying, low-wage jobs.

In contrast, the
jobs that sustained and built the American middle class after World War
II are disappearing along with educational opportunities afforded to
U.S. citizens through mechanisms such as the GI bill.

veterans who have pledged their lives to protect many of the freedoms
that the U.S. is known for around the world have a unique take on these

Check out why they think that economic inequality diminishes freedom in America.

Then read more about the meltdown of America’s middle class. Middle Class Meltdown.png

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