Pittsburgh Security Officers ‘Flocking’ to Form Union, Improve Emergency Training


The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette noted the rapid pace that Pittsburgh security officers are forming a new, market-wide union with SEIU 32BJ. Pittsburgh security officers looking to improve emergency training as well as pay and benefits, were joined by allies from the International Association of Fire Fighters.

Firefighter Darrin Kelley emphasized the importance of having well-trained, experienced security officers on site when his team arrives. Kelley said that security officers need to know evacuation and other emergency plans. He also noted that security officers should know if anyone with a disability works in the building and where they work, in order to help get them out. “It’s paramount that they know these things prior to an emergency, because when an emergency happens, it’s too late.”

Yet security officer Darnell Fowler, who protects the city’s parking garages, said that in the case of an emergency, he’s only trained to alert a supervisor and call 911.

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