An Ounce of Prevention


The “Great Recession” and its aftermath continue to impact our nation’s economy. For many U.S. businesses, demand has shrunk while costs have remained constant or even risen. Meanwhile, competition is as grueling as ever.

But as tough as the current economic climate is, the world we operate in is even tougher. Every day, businesses face threats–product theft, corporate espionage, loss of proprietary information, loss of sensitive data, even terrorism–that can destroy a company or ruin its reputation.

Today, security directors must work harder than ever to address challenges at multiple locations. For help, they turn to specialized security companies. But
security contractors often fail to meet their client’s needs. Here’s why:

  • Security companies face few barriers to entry in the industry.
  • Licensing and training standards are generally inadequate and vary from state to state.
  • Security companies feel pressured by short-sighted clients to cut costs.
  • Many security companies compete by driving down wages and benefits– resulting in high turnover that guarantees inexperienced, demoralized and poorly trained officers.

In an economic environment that sees many companies implementing cost- cutting measures, security directors may feel pressure to hire contractors who compete on price alone–rather than quality, effectiveness and reliability of services. But employing a low-bid, poor-quality security contractor can be fatal to a company’s assets, operations and reputation.

Download the full document here: An Ounce of Prevention

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