Inter-Con Security Officers Win the “Impossible”


Portland Inter-Con Officers Jason and ChuckAlarm Monitor Specialist Chuck Loosli (pictured, L) never gave up on improving security jobs for his co-workers. “We went without a union for so long that no one thought this would be possible,” he says, of the conditions for outsourced security officers at the Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) in Portland, Oregon.

“Bargaining our first contract was challenging, but by taking action together and working with the Laborers union and elected allies, we were able to win a great contract.”

That contract, which covers 55 Inter-Con security officers, was ratified this weekend with 93 percent support. And it’s easy to see why.

Chuck says: “We won 5 to 7 percent wage increases, big improvements in our employer’s contribution to our health care, and protections in future outsourcing decisions.”

The officers also won paid sick days, paid holidays, consistent vacation time, and bonuses based on seniority and performance.

Inter-Con security officers at BPA now understand that they have respect and a voice on the job. That’s a good thing for everyone involved!

A stable, well-trained workforce is key to protecting our critical infrastructure, such as the federal power transfer stations the Inter-Con officers protect.

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