San Diego Security Officers Standing Up & Demanding Employers Follow the Law regarding the Sick Leave Ordinance


This month, security officers joined together in demanding their employers’ honor the San Diego Sick Leave Ordinance that went in to effect July 2016.

San Diego Sick time delegation w clergy

The local ordinance states that employers must provide an officer with one hour of earned sick leave for every thirty hours worked by the employee within the geographic boundaries of the City and that officers can use up to 40 hours of their accrued paid sick leave in each calendar year.

San Diego guards allege that some security companies are forcing officers to find their own replacement in order to use their sick leave–which violates the law.

Officers decided to speak up–with hundreds of guards signing on to a petition to get this matter resolved.

This month officers, along with local clergy and community supporters, delivered this petition to local security employers, calling on them to follow the law and stop the practice of requiring guards to find their replacement when they call out sick.

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