• Harrison Bullard: “We won job protection, even when security companies change.”

    As a member of the bargaining committee during the last round of contract talks, Harrison and other security officers fought for higher wages, affordable healthcare, paid sick leave and job protection when work sites change security companies. Watch a video of Harrison telling his story.

  • Donna Alexander: “Belonging to a union will benefit you immensely.”

    "We all do better when we work together as one voice," says Securitas security officer at and SEIU Local 26 member Donna Alexander. "I found being on the bargaining committee for our last contract to be an exhilarating experience because we were so much more effective working together."

  • Roger Schutt: “We can organize for a better life.”

    Talk to Roger Schutt for a few minutes about organizing security officers in the suburbs, and you gain an appreciation of why his fight is so vital. A Whelan security officer at Boston Scientific's campus, Roger routinely receives the appreciation of the tenant's employees and property managers--but can barely live on his wages while supporting his seven-year-old daughter.

  • Keep America Safe With Stronger Standards for Security Officers

    Keep America Safe With Stronger Standards for Security Officers

    As we mark nine years since the attacks of 9/11 we still face an urgent public safety vulnerability: Poor training and professional standards for front-line security officers. Join us in signing a petition urging the CEOs of the ten largest private security companies to support higher professional standards and a fair wage for security officers.

  • Renita Whicker: “2000 officers will have a great impact.”

    ABM security officer and SEIU Local 26 member Renita Whicker knows first-hand what a great union contract can do for officers who've won the fight for a union. She's one of 1000 Minneapolis and St. Paul officiers who are Local 26 members. Watch her talk about being a security officer and union member in this video interview.

  • Downtown Ambassadors Win Union Via Majority Sign-up Election

    Downtown Ambassadors Win Union Via Majority Sign-up Election

    Having just won a union through a majority-sign up election, 60 Block by Block "Downtown Ambassadors" have become members of SEIU Local 26. Like suburban security officers at seven companies who are now conducting a majority sign-up election, the Block by Block Downtown Ambassadors work for a firm that agreed to be neutral during the organizing campaign.

  • Eric Meade: “I want security to be a proud and honored profession.”

    “I’m voting for the union because I want security to be a proud and honored profession,” says Eric Meade, a security officer . Eric is especially proud of those many times when he’s come to the aid of people having […]

  • D.C. City Council Calls For Removal Of Contracted Security Company

    The largest security company in Washington, D.C. is putting our nation's capital at risk, according to a letter of concern signed by all 13 members of the D.C. City Council. Last week, the Council sent a letter to the Office of Contracting and Procurement urging to "not allow this company to continue benefiting from taxpayer funded multi-million dollar contracts" and immediately bring in a responsible contractor that can be trusted.

  • Kevin Chavis: “Workers have a lot more rights than they realize.”

    An Iraq War veteran, Allied Barton employee and SEIU Local 25 shop steward Kevin Chavis has worked in security for eight years. He now works at the Wells Fargo Building in downtown Minneapolis.

  • Victory For Apollo Officers in Cambridge, MA

    A majority of Apollo officers working at Shire, Pfizer and Millennium in Cambridge, as well as WGBH in Allston, signed their union cards and won representation for themselves and their co-workers. Of these 52 new union members, most work at bio-tech facilities and are responsible for providing a high level of security for buildings that research and develop new pharmaceutical products every day.