• LA Security Officers Win Their Union

    After several months of organizing to demand livable wages, health insurance, training and better working conditions, 850 Securitas workers at Los Angeles County and other public facilities will be officially recognized as members of SEIU SOULA. “This is a good […]

  • SEIU Security Officers Who Protect Kaiser Permanente Hospitals Nationwide Vote Overwhelmingly to Ratify First-ever Union Contract

    Historic national agreement includes wage increases and improved healthcare, paid sick days and holidays LOS ANGELES, CA–Security officers with SEIU who protect Kaiser Permanente hospitals nationwide voted overwhelmingly today to ratify their first-ever union contract. The three year contract with […]

  • New Report: Nation’s Buildings at Risk

    New Report: Nation’s Buildings at Risk

    A new government report released yesterday has dropped a bombshell on the state of private security and its ability to protect our nation’s most important buildings. In a routine check on the state of private security for our nation’s federal […]

  • Officer Johns: A True Hero

    No doubt, you’ve likely heard about yesterday’s tragic shooting incident at the U.S. Holocaust Memorial Museum, where security officer Stephen T. Johns tragically lost his life. The event is a bitter reminder about the importance of these brave men and […]

  • Mayor Bloomberg walks a day in the shoes of SEIU 32BJ security officer

    Mayor Bloomberg walks a day in the shoes of SEIU 32BJ security officer

    “For me and for so many of my co-workers, the main issue is our healthcare,” said Annie Davis, a 54-year-old New York security officer and SEIU Local 32BJ member during her day-long visit with New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg. […]

  • Private security officers make historic gains in new union contract

    In a groundbreaking victory that will pave the way for similar gains by other workers in Minnesota, private security officers in Minneapolis and Saint Paul won access to affordable health insurance, higher wages, improved training and equipment, and sick leave […]