• Airport Security Guards Court Denver City Council

    Airport Security Guards at Denver International Airport (DIA) have been meeting with City Council members regarding work place issues. “We wanted to make sure that Denver’s elected officials were aware of some of the security concerns we see at DIA,” […]

  • Denver Airport Security Guards Reach Agreement with HSS Inc.

    Denver Airport Security Guards Reach Agreement with HSS Inc.

    Security Guards at Denver International Airport (DIA) have been organizing for a voice on the job since October 2012. Uniting together they have been signing up fellow guards to the cause and discussing workplace issues like adequate training and sufficient resources to do their jobs well.

  • Paid Sick Days for Airport First Responders

    First responders at Denver’s airport have been fighting for better sick day policies from HSS Inc. management as the flu season and the busy holiday flight season descends upon the mile high city. “Currently security guards are unable to call […]

  • One Security Officer for an Entire University and Two High Schools: Colorado Heights University is Putting Denver at Risk

    When Denver Police were recently called to a domestic disturbance on the campus of Colorado Heights University, and subsequently fired several rounds at a suspect running on foot, there was just one security officer on duty protecting the entire 74-acre campus. Unfortunately, this is standard policy for Colorado Heights University, and after witnessing too many risks to the campus community, the security officers employed by the school are speaking out.

  • How Low Can U.S. Security Associates Go?

    For U.S. Security Associates, the troubled national security firm, the bar just keeps getting lower. We've mentioned before how the company is driving down standards in the security industry. The company has recently set another low bar in Colorado, where they bid the lowest out of 14 security firms for a contract to protect Larimer County residents -- and won the contract. How could they afford to offer the lowest bid? By slashing wages, getting rid of good jobs that our communities need.

  • Security Officers In Denver are Standing Up, Fighting Back, and Making Their Voices Heard

    We are part of 35,000 private security officers united in SEIU, the nation's largest security officers union. We protect property and people in facilities--including high-rise commercial buildings, banks, power plants, airports, warehouses, stadiums and the high-tech industry--all across America.