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  • U.S. Security Associates Subcontractor Work Rebid After Port of Houston Discovers Family Connection

    U.S. Security Associates Subcontractor Work Rebid After Port of Houston Discovers Family Connection

    The Houston Chronicle has been reporting on U.S. Security Associates' $14.8 million tax-payer funded contract with the Port of Houston, the second-busiest port in the United States. The security firm could lose the contract after an anonymous letter was sent to staff pointing out a suspicious family connection between USSA's subcontractor there, Eagle I Security, and the Port.

  • Philadelphia Officers, Elected Officials Raise More Concerns about Sexual Harassment at U.S. Security Associates Inc.

    Philadelphia Officers, Elected Officials Raise More Concerns about Sexual Harassment at U.S. Security Associates Inc.

    Dozens of security officers who protect Philadelphia's cultural institutions, businesses and public buildings rallied last week to urge U.S. Security Associates Inc. to clean up its act. The rally was organized not long after a local security manager was accused of sexual harassment and found leaving his business cards of his pornographic side business for all to see at his worksite.

  • Even After Paying $4 Million, USSA Still Showing “Cavalier Attitude” Toward Sexual Harassment in the Workplace

    Despite paying more than $4 million in the past year for judgments and consent orders arising from sexual harassment and worker retaliation, U.S. Security Associates seems to have no qualms about ignoring workplace abuse.

  • Nationwide Action Calls Attention to U.S. Security Associates’ Record of Sexual Harassment

    After hearing alarming evidence of sexual harassment at U.S. Security Associates, activists began a public education campaign to raise awareness about the company's record. Groups of security officers and community supporters handed out flyers this week at various sites across the country that have contracts with the security firm. The flyer calls attention to the $4 million that U.S. Security Associates has had to pay in multiple sexual harassment and worker retaliation lawsuits.

  • How Low Can U.S. Security Associates Go?

    For U.S. Security Associates, the troubled national security firm, the bar just keeps getting lower. We've mentioned before how the company is driving down standards in the security industry. The company has recently set another low bar in Colorado, where they bid the lowest out of 14 security firms for a contract to protect Larimer County residents -- and won the contract. How could they afford to offer the lowest bid? By slashing wages, getting rid of good jobs that our communities need.

  • DC Mayor Withdraws Support for Security Firm

    In a victory for the Washington DC community, Mayor Vincent Gray recently withdrew the contract of security firm U.S. Security Associates, Inc. (USSA). The firm had been awarded contracts to protect the city's public buildings and schools since 2009, and had held an $18 million contract for the past year.

  • USSA Failure is Not an Option for Washingtonians

    Since 2009 U.S. Security Associates (USSA) has provided security at Washington D.C.'s public buildings and schools. Now the Council of the District of Columbia is reviewing USSA's contract for D.C.'s public schools and will soon review the private security company's contract for the rest of the District's public facilities. A look at USSA's track record throughout the country shows how the company has failed to meet the conditions of a responsible security contractor.

  • Should USSA/Watkins Be Protecting D.C. Schoolchildren?

    Should USSA and Watkins be trusted with the safety and protection of D.C.'s schoolchildren? For D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, the answer is "yes." Washington reporter Jeffrey Anderson reports that the mayor is urging the D.C. Council to take "prompt and favorable action" to approve and extend USSA/Watkins' multi-million dollar contract, despite knowing the controversial history of USSA. How can this be?

  • An Overwhelming Response Against Irresponsible Security Contractors

    Over the last few days, we've been asking you to take a stand against irresponsible security contractors. The response has been overwhelming. Nearly a thousand of you wrote in, urging leaders in Washington, DC and other cities to stop rewarding public contracts to irresponsible security companies like U.S. Security Associates.

  • U.S. Security Associates: Not Up to The Task?

    U.S. Security Associates: Not Up to The Task?

    Some of our nation's private security firms - like U.S. Security Associates - are letting down our communities and their officers alike, racking up millions of dollars in penalties and damages while aggressively pursuing new work in areas all around the country