US Security Associates

  • Should USSA/Watkins Be Protecting D.C. Schoolchildren?

    Should USSA and Watkins be trusted with the safety and protection of D.C.'s schoolchildren? For D.C. Mayor Vincent Gray, the answer is "yes." Washington reporter Jeffrey Anderson reports that the mayor is urging the D.C. Council to take "prompt and favorable action" to approve and extend USSA/Watkins' multi-million dollar contract, despite knowing the controversial history of USSA. How can this be?

  • An Overwhelming Response Against Irresponsible Security Contractors

    Over the last few days, we've been asking you to take a stand against irresponsible security contractors. The response has been overwhelming. Nearly a thousand of you wrote in, urging leaders in Washington, DC and other cities to stop rewarding public contracts to irresponsible security companies like U.S. Security Associates.

  • U.S. Security Associates: Not Up to The Task?

    U.S. Security Associates: Not Up to The Task?

    Some of our nation's private security firms - like U.S. Security Associates - are letting down our communities and their officers alike, racking up millions of dollars in penalties and damages while aggressively pursuing new work in areas all around the country

  • D.C. City Council Calls For Removal Of Contracted Security Company

    The largest security company in Washington, D.C. is putting our nation's capital at risk, according to a letter of concern signed by all 13 members of the D.C. City Council. Last week, the Council sent a letter to the Office of Contracting and Procurement urging to "not allow this company to continue benefiting from taxpayer funded multi-million dollar contracts" and immediately bring in a responsible contractor that can be trusted.