The security industry is a natural fit for many of our returning military personnel. Private security is a place where veterans of the U.S. Armed Forces can utilize the training, discipline, and skills they learned in the service. Many veterans have extensive medical and combat preparedness experience, which enables them to handle emergencies and stressful situations.

However, many veterans who enter the workforce, including those joining the security industry, face inadequate employment—companies that keep wages low, refuse to provide paid sick leave, and fail to provide access to reliable, affordable healthcare.

When we work together to transform the security industry, we honor our veterans by creating prosperity-boosting careers that use their hard-earned training to protect people and property. And with 1 in 5 security officers a U.S. Veteran nationwide, we improve the quality of service offered by assuring well-qualified, highly trained officers.

When officers are paid good wages and have access to affordable healthcare, we find lower turnover rates—which means a more stable and experienced workforce. By serving our country and our communities, both veterans and our frontline security officers have earned the right to make a living.

When responsible property managers, operation directors and others sub-contract for security, they bear responsibility to use a company that treats all security officers with respect. Investing in a quality company that pays fair wages and benefits honors veterans and officers alike.

Please refer to our Responsible Contractor Guide which lists contractors in your area that meet these high standards. Because finding a good job, that covers your basic needs, should not be a battle our veterans come home to.