What We Stand For


A Safer America

As front-line security officers, we understand how dangerous the world can be. Today Americans are highly concerned about their personal safety–and rightly so. Our worries concerning safety cross the spectrum — from minor accidents, to petty theft, to violent crime, to major emergencies or even terrorism.

Good Jobs for our Communities

Security officers are standing up for jobs that will allow us to work hard for decent housing, quality healthcare, adequate nutrition, access to education, and a dignified retirement. Good jobs will enable us to not only sustain our families, but also to spend time with our children and raise them according to our values. Good jobs will also help us sustain our communities by leaving us with more time to volunteer and more money to spend in local businesses and to pay taxes to support local hospitals, schools, police and fire departments.

Economic Fairness

In 2008, the revenue for the top six security companies was over $8.7 billion in the United States. These top six firms control 44% of market. Yet most of us our not sharing in the success of our industry. For the sake of our families, our communities, and fundamental fairness, we should be able to keep more of the profits we provide.

Corporate Responsibility

Corporations — including those in the security industry — are growing larger and more powerful every day. As employees and as citizens, we must work together with elected officials and community leaders to hold these corporations accountable to our local communities.