Why a Union?


Security officer unions help keep the public safe. Unions are a proven way for workers, managers, building owners, and concerned members of the community to come together and find solutions to our industry’s problems — resulting in good jobs for our communities and quality security services that the public can count on.

In Europe, where the largest global security companies have their headquarters, many security officers have a union. Security officers there have been able to cooperate with management and public officials to set higher standards for training, screening, oversight, and licensing. In Finland, for example, Securitas worked with Finnish trade unions to set up the Finnish Guard Training Center. In Austria, both Securitas and G4S developed a basic training course and negotiated with their unions to have it inserted in their collective bargaining agreement.

But in the U.S., only 8 percent of private security officers are members of a union. When training is provided to officers, it varies widely — from company to company and building to building. This inconsistency results in a lack of preparedness and a lack of accountability to clients, building tenants, and the public at large.

Our industry needs to raise standards. Wherever our fellow security officers work — whether in commercial office buildings, government facilities, manufacturing sites, or warehouses–we want to be with them, working toward good jobs that keep experienced officers in the profession and working to maximize public safety and protection.