• New Jersey Security Officer Speaks Out About “Clopening” Shifts

    With responsibility for the safety of students, professors, and the community at large, security officers at Hudson County Community College should be the last people whose employer would short them of sleep between shifts. But the New York Times reported […]

  • How to Ensure Responsible Security Contracting

    Stand For Security's guide, called "Three Steps to Ensure Responsible Security Contracting in the Public Sector," gives government officials the tools they need to rigorously screen and track the business practices of security contractors. It is important to use these tools in order to ensure that taxpayer dollars are used to deliver the highest quality security services at the best value.

  • An Ounce of Prevention

    The “Great Recession” and its aftermath continue to impact our nation’s economy. For many U.S. businesses, demand has shrunk while costs have remained constant or even risen. Meanwhile, competition is as grueling as ever. But as tough as the current […]

  • Reducing Turnover Through the Union Solution

    When officers form a union, they have the ability to solve workplace problems, which increases morale and decreases turnover. Security officers work through their union to win decent wages and fair treatment, which leads to a sense of pride, loyalty […]

  • Better Training

    Combined with better wages and benefits, comprehensive training programs can further reduce turnover and develop the skills of high-performing security professionals. Rigorous employer/union training programs are especially important in today’s lax regulatory environment–which sets few standards for security officers–and in […]

  • Citrix: Don’t Put our Dreams on Hold!

    Citrix: Don’t Put our Dreams on Hold!

    Just days after security officers won major improvements on the job from Apple, service workers and their allies marched through the heart of Silicon Valley to urge other tech companies to jump on board the movement for broad prosperity [...]

  • Silicon Valley Security Officers Win Big with Apple

    Silicon Valley Security Officers Win Big with Apple

    The security officers leading the charge to provide opportunity for diverse service workers in Silicon Valley just scored a major victory. Apple announced it was replacing contracted work done by irresponsible contractor Security Industry Specialists (SIS) with stable, full-time security […]

  • Trending: Service Workers Rising Up in Silicon Valley

    Trending: Service Workers Rising Up in Silicon Valley

    Security officers were catapulted onto the national stage this week with big-time mentions in everything from a radio story about working class struggles to a speech by likely presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Clinton’s words, in particular, reverberated in the halls […]

  • Pittsburgh Security Officers ‘Flocking’ to Form Union, Improve Emergency Training

    The Pittsburgh Post-Gazette noted the rapid pace that Pittsburgh security officers are forming a new, market-wide union with SEIU 32BJ. Pittsburgh security officers looking to improve emergency training as well as pay and benefits, were joined by allies from the […]

  • Seattle Security Officers  Part of National Debate on Paid Sick Leave

    Seattle Security Officers Part of National Debate on Paid Sick Leave

    Tracison Casarrubias, who protects Amazon headquarters for Security Industry Specialists (SIS), was featured in a national broadcast on President Obama’s paid sick leave proposal. The Seattle community was on the forefront when they succeeded in passing a paid sick leave […]