Why We’re Standing for Security in Cincinnati


Security officers are the first responders during catastrophes, standing on the front lines every day to keep Cincinnati safe. Yet while they protect multi-million dollar properties, many go home to the poorest neighborhoods in the city. Low wages and a lack of adequate training have led to incredible turnover rates as high as 300%, impacting security officers’ ability to protect the public.

Officers are Uniting for Safe Buildings and Strong Communities

Security officers are struggling on wages near the poverty level and most cannot afford health insurance. They are facing an impossible choice: putting food on the table or visiting the doctor.

That’s why security officers are standing up for good jobs that will allow them to work hard for decent housing, quality health care and a dignified retirement. Not only will winning good jobs enable security officers to provide for their families and better protect the public, it will help strengthen our communities.

More than 35,000 security officers have already united in SEIU across the country. Together, they’ve won training programs, wage increases, affordable health care and other benefits. Security officers in Indianapolis are coming together now to join them.

Our Economic Recovery Depends on Good Jobs

Many Americans are angered by recent developments in our economy–a growing divide between the rich and the poor, a weakening of the middle class and huge bailouts of failed banks and their CEOs–while hard-working Americans struggle just to make ends meet.

Good manufacturing jobs have been replaced with service-sector jobs that pay poverty wages and offer few, if any, benefits. The growth of these low-wage jobs is stalling our economic recovery, devastating our neighborhoods and threatening the middle class. In Cincinnati:

  • Unemployment has reached 10%.
  • Nearly 30% of families live in poverty.
  • In 2007, Cincinnati ranked 3rd in the top 10 poorest large cities.

Join with security officers and the community that they protect by signing up here.

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