Eric Meade: “I want security to be a proud and honored profession.”


“I’m voting for the union because I want security to be a proud and honored profession,” says Eric Meade, a security officer .

Eric is especially proud of those many times when he’s come to the aid of people having medical problems.

As a dedicated professional, Eric believes in loyalty to a company. But he also believes in fair play and respect on the job. That’s why Eric voted yes – because officers in SEIU have already won:

  • Seniority: Seniority that is maintained across accounts within a company and maximizes public safety by encouraging veteran officers to stay on the job.
  • Fair Pay: Regular yearly raises that gradually improve the jobs on which our economy relies.
  • Affordable Healthcare: For $40/month this year, and just $20/month by 2012. Security officers are able to visit the doctor when they’re sick, helping to keep the entire community healthy.

“As security officers, we do a lot for our community,” Eric says. “Winning a contract will allow us to do more. I hope our contribution becomes regarded more highly by this society. That includes better compensation, better benefits, and more recognition of the vital service we provide.”

Eric is not alone. Suburban security officers at seven companies are now conducting a majority sign-up election and union members, and allies will be standing with Eric and his co-workers during this crucial time.

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