Denver Security Officer Speaks Out For Better Jobs at Citywide Rally


In Denver, Colorado, labor unions, activists and community members came together this week to rally in support of workers’ rights and to protest the ongoing political attacks against working families. Members of SEIU Local 105, the American Federation of Teachers, the AFL-CIO, Teamsters and groups of local workers and community activists marched through downtown Denver and gathered on the Auraria campus to listen to a series of speeches.

Cancino1.jpgSecurity officer Mauricio Cacino was among several community members who took the stage to speak out for better jobs in Denver. Addressing the crowd, Cacino spoke about forming unions in the private security industry.

“I’m proud to be a private security officer in Denver, helping to protect the public and property from vandalism, theft, threats of violence, and even terrorism. What I’m not proud of is the race to the bottom the private security industry is leading us down.”

Mauricio has been working with other private security officers to form unions to win a voice in the workplace, which has shown to build a more professional security industry and stronger, safer communities. As a first responder to emergencies, Cacino recognizes the importance of keeping well-trained, experienced officers on the job and reducing the various problems plaguing the security industry that can lead to high turnover.

“Now, my coworkers and I are standing up and fighting to change all of this. Not just for Denver security officers, but for the safety and security of all of Denver because WE ARE ONE,” he continued.

Denver was just one of a number of cities that held rallies this week under the theme “We Are One.” Held on April 4th, the rallies served to honor the legacy of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., who was assassinated 43 years ago while standing up for workers’ rights to collectively bargain and improve their jobs. The rallies served to remind American workers that they are still fighting for those same rights today.

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