After Memo Reveals Huge Security Gaps at U.S. Security Associates, DC City Council Solicits New Security Contractor


After an internal memo detailing huge security gaps at U.S. Security Associates surfaced last December, the District of Columbia is now soliciting bids from other security contractors to protect public buildings in our nation’s capital.

The move is being considered a victory for Stand for Security supporters and all those concerned about public safety in Washington. In explaining his support for seeking other security options, one member of City Council said, “There have been some failures with penetration tests by US Security Associates, and liquidated damages have been applied to US Security Associates.”

In December, Stand for Security reported on the memo, which details how undercover agents were able to enter past security with a simulated cell-phone bomb, a simulated pipe bomb, and a simulated explosive hidden inside a book, while also being permitted to drive in restricted areas. In total, U.S. Security Associates’ poor training standards failed to stop security breaches 31 times at 12 public buildings.

While the company claims to have state-of-the-art training, the D.C. security test failures left both residents and local media questioning whether the company’s training standards are good enough to protect our nation’s capital.

Leading up to the January 17th City Council meeting where the decision was made, Stand For Security supporters and District residents sent emails to key members of the council, urging them not to extend the multi-million dollar contract of U.S. Security Associates and asking them to consider the safety of the city’s children and families.

Their voices have been heard. An announcement about the contract is expected next month. Washington residents and Stand For Security supporters will be counting on the City Council to follow through on their commitment to public safety in 2012.

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