In Spirit of Martin Luther King Jr., Officers Stand Up for Equality and Freedom at U.S. Security Associates


Forty-four years ago today, Martin Luther King Jr. lost his life while standing up for equality, opportunity and freedom among all Americans. Working families have made great strides since then, but in recent years the walls of inequality that divide us have risen too high.
Nowhere is this more apparent than with security officers employed by U.S. Security Associates, who every day protect people and property at facilities owned by wealthy corporations such as ExxonMobil, JP Morgan, and Sony.

It’s a basic principle that people who work for a living should be able to make a living. But U.S. Security Associates officers in five U.S. cities have reported wages too low to provide for their families, being forced to access healthcare at the emergency room, and having no paid sick days.
Some U.S. Security Associates officers have also reported witnessing harassment or discrimination on the job, including sexual harassment by supervisors or peers. This lack of dignity, respect or a voice on the job impacts not only individuals, but the entire company and our communities as a whole.
Watch officers tell their own story in the video below. Then send your own letter to CEO Chuck Schneider urging him to respect his employees’ rights to equality and freedom:

Dr. King taught us that we have a mutual responsibility to build and strengthen our communities. It’s time to reclaim King’s dream and join with others, like the hardworking officers who are being ignored at U.S. Security Associates, to raise standards for all.
Stand with us: Click here to send a letter to U.S. Security Associates now.

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