Veterans deserve a living, not just a job.


Chris Nehm and son cropped.jpgI come from four generations of U.S. military service.

When my family was evacuated from a war zone shortly after my birth, they never dreamed that one missing signature would mean I’d have to fight for the right to serve my country.

Once I finally enlisted in the National Guard, and was activated to stop wild fires and mudslides in Eastern Washington, I thought the fight was over.

I never expected that my “military-friendly” employer at Amazon headquarters, Security Industry Specialists (SIS), would also make me fight for the right to serve–or for benefits for my family.

One in five security officers in the U.S. is a veteran. We come into the job with training, experience and a work ethic that employers value. We’re proud to protect people and property here on the home front.

Yet not all of our employers provide the kind of dignified employment that veterans deserve.

SIS tried more than once to deny me leave for drill weekends, even though I had submitted their cumbersome paperwork a whole year in advance. They also forced me to fight for the benefits–such as eligibility to participate in the medical, dental and 401(k) plans–which they were legally required to provide returning service members.

That’s why I’m speaking out. Companies that recruit veterans should provide a living, not just a job.

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