Jesse Jackson Says Amazon Lacks Opportunity for Security Officers and Workers of Color


Tracison Jackson and supporters.JPGAmazon has two major office developments in the pipeline, which could more than double its Seattle workforce. But it still has a long way to go with respect to its current workforce.

That is according to Rev. Jesse Jackson, who has joined the chorus of voices asking Amazon to ensure that good, stable jobs are available to all Seattleites.

Standing outside of Amazon headquarters with officers from Security Industry Specialists (SIS), Jackson underscored the difference a responsible contractor would make:

“Amazon could make sure that the security officers that contribute to its success also have the opportunity to succeed themselves:

“That every security officer at Amazon has the opportunity to work a good, stable job, without worrying that she’ll be fired if her daughter gets sick and she has to call in and stay home for a few hours until she can find alternative childcare for her.

“That every security officer at Amazon has the freedom to talk to his co-workers about the things that are really important to him – even if what’s important is sticking together in a union to make their voices heard. Especially then.

“That every security officer at Amazon knows how many hours she’ll get this pay period, and the next, and the next, without having to worry that she’ll be suspended if she has an asthma attack and her supervisor sends her to the hospital.

“That security officers hired for their experience in the National Guard are granted leave to serve–and not harassed over drill weekends or penalized when they return from fighting wildfires for us.

“That every security officer at Amazon sees a day when he can work just one job, and still afford to live here in Seattle where he works, instead of missing out on his kids’ childhoods while he juggles multiple jobs and long commutes.

This is the kind of leadership we need from one of Seattle’s largest and most influential employers. A leadership of inclusivity, where the company represents opportunities for Seattle’s diverse community at every level — all the way from the C-suite to contracted service workers.”

Read more from the Puget Sound Business Journal and the Seattle Times. Next stop: Apple headquarters in Silicon Valley!

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