Clueless in Seattle: Amazon contractor says it is “unaware” of any security officers it may have wronged


TracisonFam2Security Industry Specialists (SIS), the contractor that provides security at Amazon headquarters, has settled allegations by the Seattle Office of Civil Rights (OCR) that it violated the city’s paid sick leave law.

OCR Director Patricia Lally told the Seattle Times that she believes the company didn’t properly notify employees of the law, which is designed to guarantee their right to take paid sick leave when they or a family member are sick.

Yet SIS says they are “unaware of any instances” where failure to follow the law might have resulted in any of the issues they agreed to fix.

Although the company didn’t admit they did anything wrong, SIS agreed to:

  • Award back pay to security officers who lost money due to improper suspension or firing
  • Reimburse officers for any doctor’s visits the company might have required unlawfully
  • Reinstate any officers who might have been fired illegally
  • Wipe out unlawful discipline from employee records

SIS President Tom Seltz told The Seattle Times, “…[T]o our knowledge, no one has ever been discharged for taking sick leave.”

Maybe Seltz should try talking to former employees like Richell Banks or Tracison Casarrubias, and see if they can point him in the right direction.

Or maybe Amazon should look to other tech industry leaders for pointers. Google and Apple recently announced they are phasing out SIS in favor of stable, full-time security jobs with benefits.

Read the Seattle Times article here.

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