NJ Security Officers Rally for Respect from U.S. Security Associates

Security officers working for U.S. Security rally at Hudson County Community College

Security officers working for U.S. Security rally at Hudson County Community College

The security officers who protect Hudson County Community College (HCCC) in New Jersey are employed by one of the country’s largest security contractors, but have to fight for their basic rights.

The officers have already taken their employer, U.S. Security Associates, to task for failing to meet one basic contract requirement—and won back the $2.17 per hour in supplemental benefits required by the county’s local living wage ordinance. The officers got paid only after they spoke publicly to the Hudson County Board of Freeholders—a brave move after the company threatened to discipline officers who broke the silence.

Now the officers have set their sights on another key requirement. U.S. Security’s bid to HCCC required that it provide training to its employees—but the workers report that they have not received that training.

When it comes to responding to their officers’ concerns, the company seems to be stuck in a rut. The Jersey Journal reported that other staff from U.S. Security Associates monitored the rally, and that some participants interpreted that action as intimidation.

“We shouldn’t have to worry that we’ll lose our jobs and not be able to provide for our families just because we are speaking up and demanding respect for our rights,” said U.S. Security officer Ramsey Montanez.

With public contracts at school districts, community colleges and courthouses across New Jersey, U.S. Security Associates can do better for its officers and their communities.

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