Fool me Once…Fool me Twice…Amazon Security Contractor Settles Allegations it “Strongly” Denied


Jackson and groupLast summer, the Seattle Human Rights Commission and all nine members of City Council wrote to Amazon about problems of illegal retaliation by the company’s security contractor, Security Industry Specialists (SIS). Amazon brushed it off, explaining that SIS “strongly denie[d] that it ha[d] engaged in any inappropriate behavior.”

Now SIS has finally settled the allegations that City Council highlighted for Amazon last summer. The complaint by the National Labor Relations Board alleged that:

  • SIS unlawfully prohibited security officers from talking to Amazonians about their working conditions
  • SIS instructed workers not to talk about disciplinary actions; and
  • SIS unlawfully prohibited workers from talking to each other about forming a union.

In the settlement, SIS agreed to revise its policies and let security officers know that these rights are guaranteed by federal law, and that the company will no longer do anything to prevent its employees from exercising their rights.

However, it’s hard to believe the company is serious about doing the right thing. This spring, SIS settled the Seattle Office of Civil Rights’ allegations that it had violated the city’s paid sick leave law. Even after the settlement, SIS told the Seattle Times they were “unaware of any instances” where their employees had been wronged.

At this point, it’s clear that Amazon needs to step up to the plate. Other tech industry leaders such as Google and Apple have already phased out SIS in favor of stable, full-time security jobs with benefits.

When will Amazon choose a responsible security contractor for Seattle?



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