School Security Officers Rally for Respect in Trenton


TrentonSchoolDistrictcroppedSecurity officers working for U.S. Security Associates at the Trenton School District marched to the Board of Education meeting on Monday. The Board was considering a new security contractor, and the officers sought assurance that the new contractor would break the cycle of disrespectful employment practices they say they’ve experienced under U.S. Security.

“We look after people’s children and we want respect,” U.S. Security officer Tynisha Francis told The Times of Trenton. “It’s an important issue because we don’t have respect and security officers are the main target if someone came in the school with a gun.”

Not only are security officers in the Trenton School District underpaid, they are also subject to sudden changes in the number of hours they work, which impacts officers’ ability to provide for their families.

The officers were joined by Trenton school food service workers as well as members of 32BJ SEIU.

Read more from the Times of Trenton.

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