Seattle City Councilmembers Ask Amazon to Choose a Responsible Security Contractor


20150529_124551croppedSeattle City Councilmembers are back on the case! Amazon’s irresponsible security contractor, Security Industry Specialists (SIS), has settled allegations that all nine members of City Council highlighted in a letter to Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos last year. Amazon responded that it would “carefully monitor the NLRB’s investigation.”

Now that SIS has settled the allegations of illegal retaliation, Councilmembers want Amazon to take action. A new letter delivered to Amazon headquarters by Councilmembers, SIS officers, union security officers and community members, says:

“As Amazon seeks to continue its rapid growth, it is vital to working families and the overall economic well-being of our community that Amazon chooses responsible contractors and ensures all employees are treated fairly—including the security officers protecting Amazon.”

The Councilmembers also highlighted SIS’ other recent settlement—over allegations that the company violated Seattle’s paid sick leave law—and concerns about SIS’ willingness to implement settlement requirements.

No wonder Councilmembers are asking Amazon to “keep Seattle’s values…in mind” as the company moves forward with choosing a security contractor.

Read the full letter here.

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