Security officers building opportunity in Indianapolis


????????????????????????????????????Indianapolis security officers are leading the way to good, stable jobs in their communities. “What a victory to have established our union,” said Indianapolis security officer Denise Randle. “It’s wonderful to know we won this alongside security officers across the country. Sacramento, New Jersey, Philly, Baltimore, Portland – even Silicon Valley officers are shaking things up!”

The Stand for Security campaign is one of many movements led by working people who are standing up against the way that corporations have used their power and influence to push down wages and benefits. Security officers, janitors, fast food workers and home health care providers recognize that low wages slow down the economy by draining us of the spending power we need to reinvest in our communities.

“Opportunity wasn’t knocking in Indianapolis, so we went out and found it,” said Denise. “Now security officers will have the chance to support our families and build safe, stable communities.

“It’s a toss up. Either you pay your bills or buy groceries. I want to pay my bills so I have a place to live, with heat and electricity,” said Denise, who was paid just $10 an hour before the start of the new contract. “My landlord lets me pay my rent every two weeks, to help with the budgeting. The light and gas bills accumulated over the winter months, and I’ve paid them down now, by the grace of God.”

Denise also recognizes the importance of continuing to build the Indy officers’ union. “My great grandson is four months old. He might want to be a security officer someday. He’ll be able to look back and say ‘my great-grandma helped start this union.’ You do it for them. This is the future coming up behind us.”

She’s also excited to be in a union with janitors, and to support people who are working in fast food and other industries. “I really enjoyed demonstrating with the Fight for $15. Fast food workers should make at least $15 an hour, and so should security officers. Those days are coming. They just ain’t come yet.”

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