Security Contractor Guard Management, Inc. (GMI) See’s Responsibility Rating Nose-Dive


Guard Management, Inc. (GMI) is the third largest security contractor in San Diego, protecting nearly 1.4 million feet of property.

However, GMI has a long and documented track record as an irresponsible security contractor based on allegation after allegation by security officers who felt they had to file law suits and other legal complaints against GMI in order to protect and enforce their rights.

Over the last several years, GMI officers have reported allegations and settlements of worker harassment, wage theft, discrimination, unsafe working conditions and retaliation against those who speak out to make improvements.

Take a second to support these officers and tell GMI to do the right thing.

“As a veteran of the armed forces and former highway patrol officer, respect is critical to keeping folks safe and secure. That’s why we need to stand together as security officers and make improvements on the job. We need to stand together in a union to clean up the industry and make San Diego the safest city it can be. The only way we will win respect on the job is with a union!” – Officer Greg Clark


And just this month, the SEIU Responsible Contractor Guide has downgraded GMI’s responsible contractor rating to RED–the lowest possible rating–indicating immediate action is required.

The mission of SEIU’s Responsible Contractor Guide is to raise industry standards by improving working conditions, enhancing training, elevating quality of service, and lowering the turnover rate.

To learn more about SEIU’s Guide, visit

Right now, 2,000 San Diego security officers are joining together to form their union in hopes of cleaning up the security industry and keeping their city safer.

To support these officers, visit and tell GMI to resolve these allegations today.

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