Security Officers Rally at Apple Shareholder Meeting Over Tech Giant’s Broken Promise to Drop Low-Road Contractor – Security Industry Specialists


Everyone knows Apple Inc., the world’s largest information tech giant headquartered in Silicon Valley. From the iPhone to iTunes, they are the first US company to hit an estimated value of $700 billion.

Despite such widespread success, Apple has received ample criticism stemming from the labor practices of its service contractors, including a security company they currently employ—Security Industry Specialists (SIS). 

Apple shareholder USWW

SIS has come under fire due to numerous lawsuits alleging wage theft, racial and gender discrimination as well as employee intimidation and retaliation. Area officers say contractors like this bring down standards for everyone in the region with low wages, subpar working conditions and lack of respect for employees.

This week, security officers and community supporters held a rally at Apple’s shareholder meeting in hopes of raising awareness among stakeholders regarding the company’s promise to drop SIS due to these concerns.

In 2015, an Apple spokesperson told the San Jose Mercury News that, “Amid debate about Silicon Valley’s sweeping use of contract workers, Apple will dramatically expand its in-house security team, giving the officers the same benefits as other employees.”

They went on to say, “Like other Apple employees, the security guards will be entitled to full health insurance, retirement contributions and leave for new parents, among other benefits.”

However, three years later, this hasn’t happened.

While Apple employs a handful of officers directly, hundreds more officers who protect Apple data centers, office buildings and retail stores throughout Silicon Valley remain employed by SIS.

“As an officer in Silicon Valley, I think Apple is an influential employer who needs to drastically improve their hiring criteria for contractors. Right now, I feel their wages and standards are very low, especially in comparison to their image as a corporation that provides good jobs,” said Security Officer and rally attendee Eric Murphy.

The action called on Apple to deliver on their promise to remove SIS and bring officers in-house or retain responsible contractors who pay good wages and treat their officers with respect.

“I’m a security officer in front of Apple’s Shareholder meeting because we need to change things in our industry. Apple could play a big role in making those changes. Too many of my fellow officers are living in their vehicles to get by,” said Silicon Valley Security Officer and rally attendee Arthur Martinez. “When big corporations contract out to companies like SIS, it shows they don’t care about officers, our families or the communities we live in. It is time for these successful companies to step up and share the wealth with the people who protect them.”


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