Houston Janitors & Security Officers Urge City Hall to Hire Only Responsible Contractors


HOUSTON–This week janitors, security officers and supporters held a Press Conference at the steps of Houston City Hall to both recognize the significant strides made improving working conditions for city employees and also highlighting the challenges that still remain.

Houston Press Conf Aug 2018

The event centered on the importance of using responsible contractors in Houston–companies who pay family-sustaining wages, respect employee rights, work to lower turnover, improve worker retention and more.

“It’s not just about raising the wages,” said Elsa Caballero, president of Service Employees International Union Texas. “That’s the first step, but we also need to make sure that the people who hire Houstonians are responsible contractors that are going to do the right thing by the workers.”

Rita Sanchez, a cleaner with Houston First, spoke outside city hall — “I hope that the city of Houston will continue to raise standards and only do business with contractors who will be responsible. All workers who work for the city of Houston and keep this city clean should have the opportunity to have a better job with a contract and security.”

A security officer at city hall–Alesia Horton–said that in the last year, members of City Council and  Mayor Sylvester Turner have listened to security officers and included many of their concerns in its new request for proposal for city contractors that provide janitorial and security services.

To find responsible contractors near you, visit the Responsible Contractors Guide    

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